Organization Consulting
and Team Transformation

For 6 years, we are guiding corporations towards their transformation towards performance with our 20 years experience.

You are leader, manager, executive. You are looking for an organization consulting and team management towards :

- increase your productivity

- activate a collective dynamic

- reach higher achievement levels

François Durnez

Find below the executive having transformed their organisation's testimonials

Achieving exceptional results

Whatever your situation, short term results can really be spectacular

  • Re-engage teams and individuals enery
  • Overcome difficult situations, even stopped
  • Find ressources to conduct the organization to succeed

Activating an engagement source of success

Ariane 6 and Alstom Power : A cultural transformation creating value

  • Rolling out an international global transformation
  • Créatine a team dynamic towards a sustainable physiological engagement
  • Embodying the Continuous improprement principles at team and individual levels
  • Building an integrated team way of working towards share vision and values

Overcoming the impossible to succeed

Maghreb Steel: An inspirational management to overcome an impossible situation

  • Financial results allowing to come back to positive in 2016
  • Operational KPI in very high increase
  • A much stronger engagement of the majority of employees
  • Overcoming an explosive social context

Creating an Innovation & Improvement dynamic

SNCF Network: A much higher confidence at the origin of teams viral growth and results

  • Manager and overcoming stress as a team
  • Combining merged teams with opposite cultures
  • Developing a common continuous improvement innovating culture
  • Accelerating the team dynamism towards the whole company